Yücel Elektronik is a leading technology company that has been active in the information sector since 1998.

Technopc® is our brand created by Yücel Elektronik in 2006 to produce "better technological products". Technopc®, launched with the principle of spreading and implementing solutions and services for information technology in a quality and efficient way, offers mini PC, tablet PC, desktop and industrial PCs, All In One and virtualization solutions for enterprise companies and end users. Technopc® stands out with its innovative, environmentally friendly and high performance products and aims to offer value added and different products in the light of its latest technological research and development.

Technopc®, the most preferred computer brand in terms of units and projects in the mini PC market in Turkey, offers solutions to organizations that want to improve or improve the technology in a wide range from health to banking, education to defense sector with mini PC series. Determination of needs and positioning of products. In the mini computer segment, Nano and Smart Ultra SFF series are preferred in many applications, including educational institutions, municipalities, hospitals, stores and call centers, with 70% lower energy consumption, aims to combine high performance with compact design in business management.

The desktop computer is designed to meet all your business needs with the ability to add power to your office, office and multimedia applications and manageable, efficient models.

Technopc®, the All In One product group, reveals the difference in design. The All In One series offers environmentally sensitive, elegant and modern styled computers with advanced features, low energy consumption at the same time.

In addition, Technopc® is a local brand with Zero Client, Thin Client and Smart Client solutions in virtualization technologies. These virtualization solutions help reduce all corporate costs to a minimum by helping to transfer all data to a secure central server; Provides a successful user experience on standard IP networks without sacrificing security in enterprise data management.

With its stylish design, fast connectivity and high graphics performance, the Tablet PC series allows you to work from anywhere; It provides easy access to activities such as surfing the web, watching the agenda with social media, playing games and watching movies.

Technopc®, the most preferred computer brand in Turkey in terms of units and projects in the Mini PC market, has been awarded the "Fastest growing domestic manufacturer of the year" by Microsoft.

In addition to all of these, our brand, which knows that the growth of an enterprise is not only in terms of transaction volume but also in terms of quality of service, ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, TSE Service Location Qualification, Ministry of Industry After Sales Service Qualification, Trademark Registration, TÜV, CE, Capacity Report Energy-quality documents that guarantee low energy consumption. Technopc® products that qualify for the RoHS certificate, which regulates environmental and human health guidelines, have been tested and approved for use with the Windows operating system and published on the Microsoft HCL list.

  • The references of our brand preferred by the public and private sector are the biggest firms in Turkey's own sector.
  • Technopc® products are manufactured at world standards in factories in 4 different countries, mainly in Turkey.
  • According to the year 2013, our company ranks 121st in the ranking of the top 500 IT companies in Turkey.
  • Our brand, which adopts the most advanced, innovative and environmentally friendly technology in all of its products, continues to offer the best quality and appropriate solutions to its customers.
  • Technopc® products stand a step forward with advanced, environmentally friendly, personalized and quality technology.

Advanced Technology

All Technopc® products use the most advanced and most innovative technologies. Manageable through Intel® vPro technology; The built-in Security Platform Module (TPM) provides the hardware encryption feature to increase data protection with the security chip. Provides impressive and intelligent performance for the user.

Environmental Technology

Technopc® demonstrates its sensitivity to the environment in all its products. All series of Technopc® are produced with low energy consumption. Experience technological efficiency and low operating costs with Technopc®, which uses less energy and reduces your operating costs by up to 80%.

Customizable Technology

Technopc® offers customizable solutions for your needs. Every sector in our age needs different hardware and software solutions, Technopc® uses personalized technology according to user requests in its products in all series.

Quality Technology

One of the most important factors determining the failure rate of a computer is the components used in the computer. Technopc® uses top quality components with the latest technology in all its products. When you buy a Technopc®, you can be sure that you get a smooth, high-performance computer.